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The Hall of Fame for NST Thru-Hikers is a tribute to all verified thru-hikers of the North-South Trail since its first completion in 2020. This list serves as a reminder and honor to all those who have completed the longest and most challenging long-distance hiking trail in Germany over several months.
Do all Thru-Hikers of the North-South Trail appear in this list?
No, they do not. Many long-distance hikers undertake such journeys for themselves, seeking solitude and tranquility. Since there is no registration or logbook system at the NST trailhead, we do not have an exact count of how many hikers have completed the entire North-South Trail.
The Hall of Fame includes those who have verified their thru-hike through platforms like Find Penguins, contributing to the community and initiative of the NST. Each individual in the Hall of Fame has not only completed the entire trail but has also served as an ambassador for the trail. They have helped promote the trail on social media, maintain or replace trail markers, provide interviews to the local press, share their journey with other hikers, and communicate new or updated information about the shelters.The focus of the “Hall of Fame” is not about determining who was the fastest, but rather providing a simple representation that each hiker can achieve their goal in very different ways. Every person who has successfully completed the entire trail is considered a winner.
As the saying goes, “In thru-hiking, it’s the last place that wins.”
By honoring the slowest hiker, we emphasize the importance of patience, endurance, and enjoying the moments along the way.

And the winners are… Drumroll… Pepe59 and Deichschaf. They completed the entire NST in a sensational 189 days. An example for all of us, showing that even small steps can lead to the goal. Congratulations, and never forget: Hike your own Hike!

Nr.NameClass ofStarting dayHiking days / Totalforest shower challengelinks
1Soulboy (52) ♂

202020. April133 / 166YouTube
2Wandermaus (56) ♀

202101. April145 / 157Find Penguins (verified)
3Radusel (34) ♂

202107. Mai† Deceased on 07.09.2021.
On the NST. †
4Hänsel (72) ♂ und Gretel (66)♀

202113. Mai135 / 159Find Penguins (verified)
5Louder (59) ♂

202107. August103/117🥶Find Penguins (verified)
6Hikingmanu (38) ♂

202221. April105/119Find Penguins (verified)
7Hungry Bear (56) ♂

202221. April115/154Find Penguins (verified)
8WildWortWechsel (57) ♂

202210. April138/179🥶Find Penguins (verified)
9Robin the Hood (27) ♂

202215. April115/154Find Penguins (verified)
10Hikehitcher (54) ♂

202301. March100/118Find Penguins (verified)
11Henro (40) ♂

2023April 04111/129Find Penguins (verified)
12Moonshine (38) ♂

2023April 23106/113Find Penguins (verified)
13Der Franke (61) ♂

2023April 03135/152Find Penguins (verified)
14Pepe59 (64) ♂

2023March 16144/189Find Penguins (verified)
15B.L. (44) ♂

2023April 02136/172Find Penguins (verified)
16Deichschaf (31) ♀

2023April 16154/189Find Penguins (verified)