Welcome to the Thru-Hiker


The NST Thru-Hiker Hall of Fame. All verified Thru-Hikers of the North South Trail since the first hike through in 2020 are immortalized here. This list serves as a reminder and tribute to all who have spent several months completing the longest and most strenuous long-distance trail in Germany. The “Hall of Fame” is not about who was the fastest, but it is a simple representation that every hiker can reach their goal very differently. Anyone who has walked and completed the entire trail is a winner.
There is a saying that “In Thru-Hiking it is the last place that wins”.
Welcome to the Thru-Hiker


And the winner is…drum roll…Robin the Hood. It took him a sensational 188 days to complete the entire NST. A role model for all of us and a prime example that even small steps can lead to the goal. Congratulations and never forget: Hike your own Hike!

Nr.NameClass ofStarting dayHiking days / Totallinks
1Soulboy (52) ♂

202020. April133 / 166YouTube
2Wandermaus (56) ♀

202101. April145 / 157Find Penguins (verifiziert)
3Radusel (34) ♂

202107. Mai† Deceased on 07.09.2021.
On the NST. †
4Hänsel (72) ♂ und Gretel (66)♀

202113. Mai135 / 159Find Penguins (verifiziert)
5Louder (59) ♂

202107. August103/117Find Penguins (verifiziert)
6Hikingmanu (38) ♂

202221. April105/119Find Penguins (verifiziert)
7Hungry Bear (56) ♂

202221. April115/154Find Penguins (verifiziert)
8WildWortWechsel (57) ♂

202210. April138/179Find Penguins (verifiziert)
9Robin the Hood (27) ♂

202215. April115/154Find Penguins (verifiziert)