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What does one do if they want to hike the Nord Süd Trail but cannot take half a year off from work, family, and other obligations? It’s simple: they hike it as a “Section Hike,” meaning in stages. To ensure that future long-distance hikers enjoy the NST, we are introducing a virtual stamp card. This allows hikers to complete the NST over many years and earn a spot in the Hall of Fame.

How does it work?
  • First, download the stamp card and corresponding GPX tracks for your phone or navigation system.
  • Next, register your Section Hike.
  • Any Section Hiker who has completed at least one trail will be promptly listed in the Hall of Fame under the “Section Hiker” category.
  • If you have hiked any NST trails in the past (e.g., Westweg, Rheinsteig, etc.), please indicate this in the “Which trails from the NST have you hiked in the past?” field. We will then stamp those trails for you.
  • Once you complete a new section, we will stamp the corresponding field on your card. A photo of the starting and ending points would be appreciated (we don’t want to make it too easy for you). 😉 You can send us your progress to
  • All those who complete their Section Hike will be prominently featured in the Hall of Fame with a photo, similar to the Thruhikers.

Of course, upon completion of the trail, you will receive the stamp card (in A3 format) in high resolution. You can then print it as a poster, a beautiful memento for your home.

What are you waiting for? Start your great Nord Süd Trail section hike now!

Here you can download the stamp card as well as the corresponding GPX tracks for your phone or navigation system.

In the download, you will find:
Sylt-Flensburg (Eigens für den NST konzipiert.)
Flensburg – Hamburg (Europäischer Fernwanderweg 1)
Hamburg (Europäischer Fernwanderweg 1)
Heidschnuckenweg (Top Trail of Germany)
Steinhuder Meer (Europäischer Fernwanderweg 1)
Der Sigwardsweg
Weserbergland-Weg (Top Trail of Germany)
Kassel-Schwalm-Eder Kreis (Märchenlandweg, Kassel – Steig, Habichtswaldsteig, Urwaldsteig-Edersee)
Waldeck – Frankenberg (Waldecker Weg, Diemelsteig, Sauerland Waldroute)
Rothaarsteig (Top Trail of Germany)
WesterwaldSteig (Top Trail of Germany)
Natursteig Sieg
Kreis Merzig-Wadern-St. Wendel (Saarschleife bis Dagstuhl – Eigens für den NST konzipiert, 5 Kreise Weg, Panoramaweg Sankt Wendeler Land, Jakobsweg)
Kreis Kusel und Donnersberg (Veldenz Wanderweg, Pfälzer Höhenweg, Westpfalz-Wanderweg)
Pfälzer Weinsteig
Germersheim / Karlsruhe-Enzkreis (Saar-Rhein-Wanderweg, Rheinauenweg 3, Odenwald Vogesenweg, Nordrandweg)
Westweg (Top Trail of Germany)
Hegau (Querweg)
Bodensee. Rundwanderweg
Kreis Lindau (Jakobsweg München, Wandertrilogie Allgäu / Wasserläufer Route)
Oberallgäu (Wandertrilogie Allgäu / Himmelsstürmer Route)
Haldenwanger Eck

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