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The Nord Süd Trail

Germany long distance hiking trail

The USA has its Appalachian Trail, New Zealand the Te Araroa, Italy the VA Sentiero and Germany now has the North South Trail. Cross Germany from north to south through the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe.

The North-South Trail - The cultural-historical long-distance hiking trail in the heart of Europe. A voyage of discovery over 2249 miles for long-distance hikers and thru-hikers.

35 traditional trails and over 30 national parks have been linked together to create this one great long distance trail for your thru-hike

The North South Trail is not a wilderness trail, but it is still so much more! Enjoy the rich German culture with all its diverse landscapes, architecture, castles, beer, poets and monuments, harbors, art and legends, castles, old picturesque villages, traditional costumes and wine.

Welcome to Germany's
longest hiking trail

from the most northern to the most southern point of Germany

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The Nord Süd Trail

Germany, wonderfully wanderlust !

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