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How far i have come – The North South Trail

After a very long process of reviewing over 5 TB of data, I am proud to finally present to you the first part of my twelve-part documentary series on the Nord-Süd-Trail. I will be releasing the remaining parts on the YouTube channel “Soultrails” at different intervals.

I hope that the style I have chosen appeals to as many of you as possible. The first part covers eight hiking days and 236 km in the northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein. As guest hikers, Hiking Machine, as well as “Shoeless Joe” and “Hot Pan” from the YouTube channel Trailroads, joined me. I would be delighted if you subscribe to the channel, and of course, I always appreciate a thumbs-up and a nice comment. So, enjoy the first part, “How Far I Have Come” – My Journey on the Nord-Süd-Trail.

Gründer und erster Thruhiker des Nord Süd Trail. Ultraleicht Wanderer, YouTuber, Fortuna Fan und Fußball Romantiker.

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