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René “Splinter” is on his way on the NST.

Now also an experienced Thruhiker tries himself at the NST. René Splinter started on 2.5.2021 in Syltoff we go south.
“My name is René, and last year I hiked my first major thru-hike, the PCT. 
After getting a significant splinter in my calf, my trail name was clear – Splinter  😎
I started in early March and encountered the last big winter storm in the San Jacinto Mountains, which meant the end of the hike for many and tragically, the end of life for a young fellow hiker.”.

Due to the pandemic, it was the right year for me to tackle this trail – it separated the wheat from the chaff, those who only carried a backpack for parties from those who came for the trail itself..
This year, I had planned to hike from Gibraltar to the North Cape.
However, the madness in Europe and the resulting travel restrictions are much more pronounced than in the States, so I had to find an alternative.
Just like the PCT, the NST is also a spontaneous decision for me – I thank Soulboy for the idea and implementation 👍🏼

And since the year is already well underway, I’m heading southbound with a happy spirit😎
Greez”…Splinter 🤙🏼

So good luck on your long journey…and never forget “no pain, no mess, no Haldenwanger Eck”.
If you want to follow Splinter, you can do so on FindPenguins

Gründer und erster Thruhiker des Nord Süd Trail. Ultraleicht Wanderer, YouTuber, Fortuna Fan und Fußball Romantiker.

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