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First Thruhike 2021

“Well, the early bird catches the worm,” thought Franzi, and she decided to start her Thru-Hike of the North-South Trail on March 1, 2021. She became the second Thru-Hiker of the NST, and as a woman, I find that to be a fantastic thing that makes me really proud. 👍

“Hi, my name is Franzi, and I’m 30 years old. I’ve been interested in the topic of Thru-Hiking for some time now. After watching countless videos about the AT, PCT, and CDT, I had planned to hike the PCT but had to abandon that idea due to the pandemic. Luckily, I stumbled upon a brilliant idea right in my own backyard.”

The NST! I am hiking the NST because I want to take on the challenge of a Thru-Hike across an entire country, and because I simply love being in nature. I enjoy the tranquility of hiking and the many wonderful encounters with other hikers along the way.”

Just like me, Franzi is doing a “Flip Flop,” which means she starts the NST in Hamburg and will complete the northern sections later. It’s a wise decision to start early. So good luck on your long journey… and never forget, “no pain, no dirt, no Haldenwanger Eck.”
If you want to follow Franzi, you can do so on Find Penguins.

Gründer und erster Thruhiker des Nord Süd Trail. Ultraleicht Wanderer, YouTuber, Fortuna Fan und Fußball Romantiker.

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