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Trail Days 2023 – NST and Find Penguins Community Meeting

When the North South Trail was opened in 2020, the social media app “Find Penguins” was also at the start. Even during the first ascent of the trail, more than 1700 followers were there live. No one could have imagined that this app would develop into something so big and unique.
But who are the people behind the avatars, who so enthusiastically hike along virtually and repeatedly motivate others and are on hand with helpful tips and tricks?
At Whitsun 2022, the app users Pura-Vida, BonnGiorno and DüsselSieg organised a meeting in the Siebengebirge. It was planned as a “Find Penguins Community Meeting” in a manageable circle of 20 people at the Jillieshof campsite near Bad Honnef. First of all, the campsite was the ideal place for this meeting. Apart from clean showers and a nearby supermarket, there were also refrigerators, a fireplace with a barbecue and a very spacious tent meadow with a fantastic view of the Siebengebirge. During the three days, wonderful hikes were undertaken, sometimes in good weather but also sometimes in the rain….

In the evening, we chatted, laughed and barbecued until late into the night. The equipment junkies also got their money’s worth, with each participant presenting their equipment and tent to the others. A really nice idea, a “live review” so to speak. With Soulboy, Wandermaus and Louder, three thruhikers from the North South Trail were there. We all soon had the idea to repeat this meeting every year, a great opportunity for the “Find Penguins Community” and all former and current long-distance hikers of the NST to meet and have fun.
Of course, all our thanks go to the three dear ones who put a lot of effort and work into organising and preparing this meeting.
The place for this year is already reserved, so all those who are interested in this great meeting should not make any plans for Whitsun 2023. Of course we can’t say yet how many participants there will be. Invitations and announcements will be made via the “Find Penguins” app.

Die Initiative Nord Süd Trail hat sich zu einem ausgedehnten Netzwerk entwickelt, das aus ehrenamtlichen Helfern, erfahrenen Fernwanderern, Wegpaten, Youtubern und Wanderführern besteht. Da wir nicht an einer finanziellen Vermarktung des Weges interessiert sind, liegt das Hauptaugenmerk weiterhin auf der Etablierung des Weges.

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