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NST GPX Tracks 2022

here is the big GPX update for the NST for 2022. The following changes have been added:

  • New route from Hamburg Landungsbrücken. The NST now follows the E1 trail to the trailhead of the Heidschnucken Weg. This route is now fully marked and less urban. Unfortunately, the beautiful Elbtunnel is no longer part of the trail, but a ferry connection has been added.
    Many thanks to @Jan für die Ausarbeitung und das ablaufen des neuen Weges.
  • New section from Hann. Münden. The old trail route was extremely challenging, with the paths being hard to find. The new trail follows the Hessen Weg 3 and the Liebenau – Veckerhagen Weg to Hofgeismar. Both trails are marked and hopefully easier to hike. I will personally hike this section as well. If this section is still as difficult, there is another option via the Hessen Weg 3 and the Reinhardswald-Westweg. Here my thanks to the @Wandermaus für die Ausarbeitung
  • Another change is on the connecting trail between Dillenburg and Herborn. After finishing the Rothaarsteig in Dillenburg, the trail now follows the “Lahn-Dill-Bergland-Pfad” until reaching the Trailhead of the Westerwaldsteig in Herborn. I have already hiked this beautiful trail completely, and all the shelters are listed in the guide. There is some information and photos available <<here>>.
  • The biggest change for 2022 is on the previously longest unmarked section from Saarschleife to Pfälzer Weinsteig. From Dagstuhl, we will now follow the Fünf-Kreise-Weg, Panoramaweg Sankt Wendeler Land, Jacobsweg, Veldenz Wanderweg, Pfälzer Höhenweg, Westpfalz-Wanderweg Rotes W, and the Pfälzer Weinsteig. I hiked this trail in 10 days during the fall of 2021 and, of course, recorded all the shelters and water sources. With this change, the longest unmarked section on the NST is now history. I will publish a video about this tour on my YouTube channel in 2023. There is some information available about this section <<here>> and on my Find Penguins Kanal.
  • The last small change is on the southern section in the regular (non-alpine) variant. From Seifriedsberg, we now follow the E5-Var-4 – Gunzesried-Oberstdorf variant to Fischen im Allgäu. Many thanks to @Louder who brought this interesting variant to my attention during his Thruhike in 2021. I will hike this section in 2022.

Die Initiative Nord Süd Trail hat sich zu einem ausgedehnten Netzwerk entwickelt, das aus ehrenamtlichen Helfern, erfahrenen Fernwanderern, Wegpaten, Youtubern und Wanderführern besteht. Da wir nicht an einer finanziellen Vermarktung des Weges interessiert sind, liegt das Hauptaugenmerk weiterhin auf der Etablierung des Weges.

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