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New Route for the NST 2023

Hello dear NST enthusiasts,
The Nord Süd Trail is getting a new and more scenic route on the section between Hann. Münden and Brilon. The old route along the Hessenwege paths had become partially impassable and no longer existed, and the proportion of asphalt was somewhat high. Thanks to FalconX for the excellent tour suggestion. This change extends the trail by 106 km, making it an impressive 3638 kilometers in total. Another advantage of the new route is the availability of trekking sites on the Habichtswaldsteig and Diemelsteig trails. I am planning to hike the route starting on September 19, 2022, with “Shoeless Joe” from the YouTube channel Trailroads. We will be filming and doing some signage along the way. Of course, you can also follow us “live” on : Find Penguins

The following paths were linked together:
▶ Märchenlandweg
▶ Kassel-Steig
▶ Habichtswaldsteig
▶ Urwaldsteig-Edersee
▶ Waldecker Weg (X 21)
▶ Diemelsteig
▶ Sauerland Waldroute

Die Initiative Nord Süd Trail hat sich zu einem ausgedehnten Netzwerk entwickelt, das aus ehrenamtlichen Helfern, erfahrenen Fernwanderern, Wegpaten, Youtubern und Wanderführern besteht. Da wir nicht an einer finanziellen Vermarktung des Weges interessiert sind, liegt das Hauptaugenmerk weiterhin auf der Etablierung des Weges.

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