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Successful North South Trail thru-hike.

Henro at the NST 2023

Well, dear Henro, you’ve made it! 3620 kilometers through Germany on the NST. We certainly hope that the journey brought you joy. The entire NST initiative thanks you sincerely for taking us along on “Find Penguins”. Your daily footprints will surely be missed. It was a pleasure to briefly meet you at the “Half Way Point”. We eagerly await your film about the NST. In case anyone is not familiar with Henro’s YouTube channel.

Stay the way you are and never forget:

„no pain, no dirt, no Haldenwanger Eck

Die Initiative Nord Süd Trail ist mittlerweile ein großer Verbund von freiwilligen Helfern, erfahrenen Fernwanderern, erfahrenen Wegpaten, Youtubern und Wanderführern geworden.

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