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NST Trail Change in the Northern Section

A Small but Important NST Trail Change in the Northern Section
The old trail, marked on the website, runs through the middle of an agricultural operation in Bramstedtlund (Dorfstraße 21, 25926 Bramstedtlund, circled in blue on the map). This location houses breeding and boarding horses and involves the movement of large agricultural machinery.
This can naturally occur when planning the route in a program like Basecamp. Therefore, we kindly ask all thru-hikers to download the Current Track 2022.6. This version includes the updated route changes.

Alter Wegverlauf
Neuer Wegverlauf

Die Initiative Nord Süd Trail ist mittlerweile ein großer Verbund von freiwilligen Helfern, erfahrenen Fernwanderern, erfahrenen Wegpaten, Youtubern und Wanderführern geworden.

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