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Guest at “Wanderwach und Kaffee”

After such a long hike, a lot of things go through one’s mind. Of course, a whole lot. And that pile of thoughts wants to find its space. Naturally, at the beginning, you talk a lot with the people you spend the most time with, like your partner or friends and family. But eventually, there comes a point where you’ve already told these people everything. And the line between not wanting to annoy people and wanting to share becomes quite thin at times.
Sharing the experiences is one thing. Of course, you also want to exchange thoughts with people who have had similar experiences. However, there aren’t that many people in my immediate circle who have done a Thru-Hike.

So I began searching for podcasts that revolved around the topic of long-distance hiking. That’s when I came across “Wanderwach und Kaffee,” (in german language only) a podcast entirely dedicated to long-distance hiking. In this podcast, Mareike, who has herself hiked the PCT among other trails, engages in conversations with people who have been or are currently on various hiking journeys. In the very first episode I listened to, the topic was long-distance hiking in Germany. And to my surprise, there was a reference to the NST, with Mareike expressing an interest in discussing it on the podcast.

The idea was born. Over the next few weeks, I listened to most of the podcast episodes. In short, I was thrilled. While many podcasts focus on pushing the limits of human capability with themes of faster, higher, farther, Mareike’s podcast, on the other hand, is all about long-distance hiking in its various dimensions: the simplicity, the beauty of nature, and the experiences. When my desire to talk about my own experiences grew stronger, I reached out to Mareike. And barely two weeks later, we connected digitally and recorded our conversation.
During our conversation, we talked about how I got into hiking, how I discovered the NST, and all the experiences I had on the trail. I tried my best to represent the NST and all the wonderful things that have developed around it. I hope I was able to convey to the listeners what the NST and our community have to offer.

Robin the Hood, Class of 2022
Robin the Hood, Class of 2022

You can listen to the podcast on Mareike's blog ``Between 2 Poles`` and on all major podcast platforms.

NST Thruhiker - Class of 2022.

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