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NST GPX Tracks 2024

Hello dear friends of the Nord Süd Trail,
Here is the big GPX update for the NST for 2024. Additional adjustments are planned for this year, but we expect these to be the final changes. The following modifications have been made:

  • The most significant change for 2024 concerns the Allgäu region: The trail now leads from Oberstaufen via the Allgäu Walking Trilogy to the Himmelsstürmer Route. This extends coverage of the Upper Allgäu region at the end of the trail, although the new route is not as challenging as the previous one along the Nagelfluh Chain. The old route around Lake Alpsee remains as a “bad weather option.”
  • The second change affects the West Tangent. From Besseringen, the trail now follows a new route to Dagstuhl, where the 5-District Trail begins. With this change, we hope to further reduce the proportion of asphalt sections.
  • The third new feature concerns the Natursteig Sieg. At the transition from the Westerwald Trail to the Natursteig Sieg, the route now leads via the so-called “Runde um Herchen” (Round around Herchen). This route is more scenic than the previous one and does not entail a significant detour in terms of distance.

Die Initiative Nord Süd Trail hat sich zu einem ausgedehnten Netzwerk entwickelt, das aus ehrenamtlichen Helfern, erfahrenen Fernwanderern, Wegpaten, Youtubern und Wanderführern besteht. Da wir nicht an einer finanziellen Vermarktung des Weges interessiert sind, liegt das Hauptaugenmerk weiterhin auf der Etablierung des Weges.

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