The European Long Distance Trail 1

Celle - Steinhuder Meer (73km)

The course of the E1 in Germany has a total length of approximately 1,900 kilometers and is divided into 76 stages.

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Waymarking of the E1

The NST now switches back to the European long-distance trail E1. Here, too, we encounter the two faces of the E1. The North-South Trail leads us along the Fuhse River out of Celle. After passing through the northern district of Wietzenbruch, the path becomes very monotonous and asphalt-heavy. It is also worth mentioning that there are no shelters or benches along the entire section. To make matters worse, we cross the A7 after endless forest paths. A narrow and gloomy tunnel takes us to the other side. We continue through mainly agricultural landscapes until we reach Bissendorf. By now, one can’t help but curse the E1…
After Bissendorf, the trail suddenly becomes much more beautiful. A very long single trail takes us to the Ottenhagener Moor, undoubtedly the highlight of this section of the NST. After that, unfortunately, the path becomes less interesting again. Over a good 3 kilometers, we pass through the towns of Bordenau, Poggenhagen, and the Wunstorf Air Base.

After a short stretch through the forest, we reach Steinhude. Here, there are plenty of opportunities for shopping and, of course, enjoying a delicious fish sandwich. With an area of 29.1 square kilometers, the Steinhuder Meer is the largest lake in northwest Germany and the ninth largest lake in Germany. Walking along the shoreline almost creates a maritime atmosphere. Just after the village of Hagenburg, we finally switch to the Sigwardsweg. On our journey, we will occasionally come across the E1, but only as a parallel path to other established hiking trails such as the Westweg. This section was the last on the NST that exclusively belonged to the E1.

Ascent 476 Meter

Descent 473 Meter