Waldecker Weg (X 21)

Herzhausen - Rhenequelle (24km)

The course of the Waldecker Weg extends from the Edersee through the Hochsauerland.

Waldecker Weg (X 21)


Trail markings of the Waldecker Weg (X 21)

The course of the Waldecker Weg extends from Brilon in the High Sauerland through the Waldecker Land to Lake Eder. This trail represents the shortest main hiking trail of the Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein and is marked with the designation X 21.

From Herzhausen, a district of Vöhl at Lake Eder, we hike past Höckelsburg (407 m), once the site of a Celtic refuge, of which only sparse remains are visible. Unfortunately, the initially quite beautiful trail to Thalitter runs parallel to a very loud federal road, which has a really unpleasant effect on the mood. In Thalitter, you can admire the Große Haus, a manor house from 1718 that is under monument protection. The trail continues to gebranntes Holz and Malsberg. From Nieder-Ense, the Waldecker Weg follows the young Itter. The Waldecker Weg leads directly to Nordenbeck. In the small village, there is a former water castle.

At Goldhausen, at the foot of the Eisenberg, the Waldecker Weg intersects with the Sauerland-Höhenflug, a 240 km long long-distance hiking trail through the Sauerland. A detour to the Eisenberg (562 m), on whose summit remains of the former Eisenberg Castle are visible, is worthwhile. Next to the ruin stands a lookout tower, from which you have a very good view of the surroundings. On the site, there is a wooden hut that is open on two sides and can accommodate several people. After some wooded sections, we reach Rhena, a district of Korbach. Shortly thereafter, you’ll find the Rhenaquelle and the associated trekking site. From here, the North South Trail switches to the Diemelsteig.
Conclusion: The Waldecker Weg (X 21) is a typical “transitional trail” on the North South Trail, not particularly outstanding, but in good weather, you will be rewarded with distant views over the Sauerland. The first section that runs parallel to a noisy federal road is a bit annoying.

Ascent 696 Meter

Descent 1003 Meter