The Diemelsteig

Rhenequelle - Diemeltalsperre (35km)

The Diemelsteig is a 63 km long premium hiking trail in the Sauerland hiking region.

The Diemelsteig


Trail marker of the Diemelsteig

The Diemelsteig is a well-known hiking trail in Germany that winds through the picturesque landscape of the Diemel Valley. The trail spans a total of 63 kilometers and passes through several historic towns and villages, including the half-timbered town of Marsberg.

Starting from the trekking site at the Rhenaquelle, the trail continues through the beautiful woodland of the mid-mountain region. In the village of Flechtdorf with its distinctive twin-towered pillar basilica, the path proceeds through dense forest towards Kalkrose. After crossing a federal road, the trail continues towards Eichenlied, running parallel to Aartalstraße over Lenkenberg. Passing through meadows and fields, we reach Adorf. From here, the trail ascends to the Martenberger Klippe. After a small wooded area, we arrive at the visitor mine “Christiane.” Continuing from Rhenegger Mühle along the river of the same name, the trail transitions to beautiful field and meadow paths.

Past historical border stones of the Principality of Waldeck, the trail steadily ascends until we reach the hidden highlight of the Diemelsteig: the St-Muffert-Klippe with its shelter and a beautiful legal trekking site, offering an unparalleled panoramic view at an altitude of 592 meters. The trail then continues to the summit of Eisenberg, the highest mountain in the town of Marsberg. Here, the NST is rewarded with splendid viewpoints such as Gipfelblick, Diemeltalsperre, and Staumauer, showcasing the many mountains of the Sauerland and Upland. Descending from here to the small weir and along the Diemel, we approach the colossal dam and the village of Helminghausen. The North-South Trail now transitions to the Sauerlandwaldroute.
Conclusion: Unlike the Waldecker Weg, the Diemelsteig serves not as a transit route but rather as a high-quality hiking path with impressive views of the Sauerland. Tip: For those planning a longer tour, combining the Diemelsteig with the Uplandsteig is an option. An advantage is that both trails have legal trekking sites.

Ascent 888 Meter

Descent 1069 Meter