The fairyland path

Hann. Münden - Mönchehof (27km)

A circular and long-distance hiking trail in North Hesse, South Lower Saxony, and East Westphalia. Would you like to learn more about the Märchenlandweg?

The Märchenlandweg


Trail markings from the Märchenlandweg

At the Weserstein, we cross the Fulda River on the suspension bridge. On a winding, quite steep ascending path, we reach the Tillyschanze. Here, as a reward for the effort, you will be greeted with a magnificent view over the heights of the Reinhardswald and the impressive old town of Hann. Münden. Passing by the Katerquelle, we head towards Fuldatal-Wilhelmshausen. Unfortunately, we now follow the asphalt road along the B5, which follows the Fulda River. The Märchenlandweg leads through the riverside promenade towards Kassel and then branches off towards Knickhagen at the outskirts.

After a stretch through open fields, the NST turns right and runs parallel to the stream until Knickhagen. Past the Osterbachtal, the trail leads into a small forest in Holzhausen. Behind the little village, there is a great overnight option, the leisure facility “Glück auf,” which offers a shelter, playground, and water treading spot. Along the edge of the forest, the NST then continues further into the woods until reaching the Rothbalzer Teich.

We bypass the pond on the right and pass a boy scout center, then hike through the fields towards Immenhausen. The city center of Immenhausen forms a remarkable historical ensemble with its town hall, city church, city walls, defense towers, and well-maintained half-timbered houses. Here, there are various shopping options to satisfy any hunger, big or small. Before reaching the train station, the Märchenlandweg turns left, and we finally find ourselves back in open fields. Now, we continue hiking towards Espenau, and the proximity to the Brothers Grimm city of Kassel becomes more apparent.
From here on, unfortunately, the trail mostly follows paved field paths. In the small village of Espenau, there are once again shopping opportunities. Now, the North-South Trail takes a slight turn to the left and passes under the railway at Mönchehof station. From here, we follow the signs of the Kassel-Steig.
This section of the NST is not the most scenic but is a significant improvement compared to the original route on the Hessenwege.

Ascent 636 Meter


Descent 612 Meter